Choosing Invitations to Match Your Color Scheme

Probably one of the easiest types of invitation is one to match your color scheme – or is it? It may seem that way, and that may be true if you have already chosen the color scheme for your wedding.

If you're still pondering over the color scheme you want to have, however, you may find it difficult to choose your invitations. On the other hand, if your idea is to choose something different than your wedding theme colors, it's just a matter of choosing a color that will not clash with the rest of the theme. For the invitations, this may not be a problem, but for the reception cards, it may be a clash if you aren't careful.

Deciding on Your Colors

Perhaps an easy way to choose the colors for your invitations when you haven't yet chosen your wedding colors is to go with something that will coordinate with whatever colors you choose such as white, taupe, or even gold.

If you stay with subtle colors, you don't have to worry about choosing your wedding colors before you choose your invitations. After all, you will choose your invitations much earlier than the rest of your attire other than perhaps your wedding dress. In that respect, you have more time to choose the theme colors that you want to have for the wedding itself as well as that of your wedding party.

Going for Something Different

If you have already chosen your theme colors but want something different for the invitations, you can do that as well. The thing you don't want to do is choose something that will clash, especially if you are using the reception cards. If you aren't using the reception cards, and some people don't, it doesn't matter as much about the color of your invitations. If you choose to use the reception cards, however, you want to choose colors that will coordinate with your theme colors even if they aren't the same.

Some bold and modern colors people are choosing a lot are: aqua; chocolate; fuchsia; red; orange; purple, etc:

You will find many different colors from which to choose, and you can make use of each, as you will. Choose carefully and allow yourself time to look at different colors before coming to a decision about the invitations you want to order for your wedding. This is destined to be the happiest and most perfect day of your life, so you want to take impeccable care with every selection you make, starting with your invitations and ending with the theme of the reception hall.

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