Using Save the Date Cards

If you have chosen your wedding date, and it's quite some time away, you may choose to send save the date cards to let friends and family know that you are planning a wedding but don't have all the details yet.

These type cards are also good for out of town guests who may need to reserve a hotel and/or make airline reservations in order to get the best price. By letting everyone know ahead of time about your wedding, all of your family and friends can avoid making any plans for that day.

This is especially good to do if your wedding is on a holiday weekend when many people make plans to travel—they will have enough notice to block out time for that day, or, if you are having a destination wedding..

Freedom to Express Yourself

Unlike wedding invitations, save the dates have no need to adhere to a theme or color scheme—in fact, when you mail these, you may not even know yet what colors or theme you want. After all, these cards are likely to be sent out shortly after the engagement commences when the only thing that is firm is the date.

If you're planning a long engagement—six months to a year or more—it's a good idea to send Save the Date cards since you will not be sending invitations until probably two to three months before the actual wedding date. Everyone then knows in enough time not to make plans for that day and puts them on alert that an invitation will be forthcoming.

Make Sure Your Special Guests are Present

Another good reason to use this handy card is if you have out of town guests who may be unable to afford the expense of a hotel of plane fare, there is enough time for them to let you know and make a decision whether you will be able to accommodate the travel expenses for that particular guest.

Though you may not want to make a habit of doing this, for special family members and friends, you may choose to take care of their cost of coming to your wedding. For example, your grandparents on fixed incomes and your best friend at college may not be able to afford to come if they have to pay for the costs, so you may want to make a few exceptions, provided that your budget allows for it. If your parents are paying for your wedding, this is probably something you and your fiancé will have to cover.